Boost My Online Biz Review 2016 : Does It Work Or Is It A Scam?

The thing with online marketing is that it can be confusing, over-saturated, and ineffective. I own a business that operates both on and offline.  I have a specialty store in my city, and I recently decided to create an online store to improve my earning potential. In doing this, I recognized that I needed to step up my marketing. I spent a ton of money putting together a better website with a killer e-commerce platform, and my hope was that my earning from the online store would quickly pay for those added expenses. I tried a couple of different things, but the convenience—and the results—just were not there.  All of the sudden I was spending less time managing my brick-and-mortar store and more time shuffling around my marketing budget trying to find something that would bring in the page views and the conversions.


One thing that I noticed when I looked at reviews for a bunch of other marketing programs was that their failure was in their popularity. Sure, lots of online marketing gurus have come up with great products that work. However, once they get enough popularity, the market becomes over saturated, the prospective customers are getting too much unwanted email contact, and it becomes harder and harder to reach quality, interested, and engaged individuals. When enrollment gets out of control, expect a serious decrease in the quality of service. It’s just how things seem to be in the marketing world. When I first read up on Boost My Online Biz, I could tell that they were aware of this widespread issue. They plan to close enrollment when membership reaches a certain point. What marketing business in their right mind would do this? The answer: a very smart one. As people get more educated about the online marketing world, they learn what to avoid, and over-saturated marketing platforms are becoming one of those red flags. For Boost My Online Biz, this was a move that shows that they are dedicated to providing quality permission based opt ins and awesome service.


When I signed up, I was really attracted to the fact that this isn’t just an automated marketing platform, but a company that actually takes the time to screen potential buyers to find those that are the most likely to make a purchase. They close their enrollment when they feel that they have reached capacity, and control their growth by hiring more staff during these periods. It seemed like the right way of running an online marketing business.


Since starting with Boost My Online Biz, I’m back in my shop managing and overseeing things better than ever. In the first weeks, I spent a lot of time working on marketing stuff in the background because I was nervous that it might not work for me. However, since they run tons of campaigns for me at once, my extra efforts were not needed. It didn’t even take very long to get set up… I set aside a week away from the store so I could get everything set up perfectly, and I really didn’t need to.  I was surprised at how much less time consuming it was, and best of all, I could finally accurately gauge the success of each campaign, and there really weren’t any stragglers. I started getting more clicks from all over. The marketing co-op system is pretty brilliant.


As for generating emails to send to permission-based opt ins, it was a lot easier than I expected. The dashboard works nicely and has fantastic tools to help make me more efficient. Best of all, Boost My Online Biz includes professionally written email ads in the price of the service. I was skeptical that I would want to use them, but they were really professionally written and have proven to be high-converting. I’ve modeled a lot of my future email ads from the 5 that are included with my membership.


So the end result now that I’ve been enrolled for a few months? My online store has begun to surpass the sales of my brick-and-mortar store. I never thought that would happen—I was just expecting some supplementary income and a way to move my inventory faster so I could place larger orders for merchandise. A lot of my friends are big on internet marketing, and I really never got the appeal; I felt like a real store with in-person interactions and sales would be the only profitable way. However, with the nominal monthly fee I pay for Boost My Online Biz each month, I can see how that assumption was dead wrong. I look forward to making so much with my online store that I can cover the overhead  and costs associated with staffing my physical store—my first passion. I love that I didn’t have to be a marketing guru that talks about this stuff all day long. I found a service that makes it simple for me, and my head doesn’t spin when I talk about it. When I explain to other business owners what I’ve been doing, its a quick conversation—not one of those drawn out explanations I’ve sat through that leave you  wondering if you can sneak out of the room. If you want a powerful, honest-to-goodness quality marketing service, I say give it a try!

Jamie Brockman
Internet Marketer, Blogger.

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