If you want to connect and work with me, I best tell you a little more about myself ;)

jamie brockmanMy name’s Jamie Brockman and I have over 3 years Internet Marketing experience. I started off on the web many years ago, I own a business that operates both on and offline. Being a small business with limited marketing funds, I took it upon myself to investigate further to try and figure things out the hard way.

Thankfully after much trial and error I found Morgan Hale and Boost My Online Biz.  These guys have been a life saver for me and my business, not to mention my family.

I am a people person and I firmly believe in honestly when it comes to advertising.  There is so much hype online these days its hard to know who to trust.  If you have any questions, don’t be shy.  I don’t bite 🙂

Jamie Brockman
Internet Marketer, Blogger.

P.S. Wanna connect? Hit me up in the Boost My Online Biz Forum 😉



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