Boost My Online Biz Review 2016 : Does It Work Or Is It A Scam?

The thing with online marketing is that it can be confusing, over-saturated, and ineffective. I own a business that operates both on and offline.  I have a specialty store in my city, and I recently decided to create an online store to improve my earning potential. In doing this, I recognized that I needed to step up my marketing. I spent a ton of money putting together a better website with a killer e-commerce platform, and my hope was that my earning from the online store would quickly pay for those added expenses. I tried a couple of different things, but the convenience—and the results—just were not there.  All of the sudden I was spending less time managing my brick-and-mortar store and more time shuffling around my marketing budget trying to find something that would bring in the page views and the conversions.


One thing that I noticed when I looked at reviews for a bunch of other marketing programs was that their failure was in their popularity. Sure, lots of online marketing gurus have come up with great products that work. However, once they get enough popularity, the market becomes over saturated, the prospective customers are getting too much unwanted email contact, and it becomes harder and harder to reach quality, interested, and engaged individuals. When enrollment gets out of control, expect a serious decrease in the quality of service. It’s just how things seem to be in the marketing world. When I first read up on Boost My Online Biz, I could tell that they were aware of this widespread issue. They plan to close enrollment when membership reaches a certain point. What marketing business in their right mind would do this? The answer: a very smart one. As people get more educated about the online marketing world, they learn what to avoid, and over-saturated marketing platforms are becoming one of those red flags. For Boost My Online Biz, this was a move that shows that they are dedicated to providing quality permission based opt ins and awesome service.


When I signed up, I was really attracted to the fact that this isn’t just an automated marketing platform, but a company that actually takes the time to screen potential buyers to find those that are the most likely to make a purchase. They close their enrollment when they feel that they have reached capacity, and control their growth by hiring more staff during these periods. It seemed like the right way of running an online marketing business.


Since starting with Boost My Online Biz, I’m back in my shop managing and overseeing things better than ever. In the first weeks, I spent a lot of time working on marketing stuff in the background because I was nervous that it might not work for me. However, since they run tons of campaigns for me at once, my extra efforts were not needed. It didn’t even take very long to get set up… I set aside a week away from the store so I could get everything set up perfectly, and I really didn’t need to.  I was surprised at how much less time consuming it was, and best of all, I could finally accurately gauge the success of each campaign, and there really weren’t any stragglers. I started getting more clicks from all over. The marketing co-op system is pretty brilliant.


As for generating emails to send to permission-based opt ins, it was a lot easier than I expected. The dashboard works nicely and has fantastic tools to help make me more efficient. Best of all, Boost My Online Biz includes professionally written email ads in the price of the service. I was skeptical that I would want to use them, but they were really professionally written and have proven to be high-converting. I’ve modeled a lot of my future email ads from the 5 that are included with my membership.


So the end result now that I’ve been enrolled for a few months? My online store has begun to surpass the sales of my brick-and-mortar store. I never thought that would happen—I was just expecting some supplementary income and a way to move my inventory faster so I could place larger orders for merchandise. A lot of my friends are big on internet marketing, and I really never got the appeal; I felt like a real store with in-person interactions and sales would be the only profitable way. However, with the nominal monthly fee I pay for Boost My Online Biz each month, I can see how that assumption was dead wrong. I look forward to making so much with my online store that I can cover the overhead  and costs associated with staffing my physical store—my first passion. I love that I didn’t have to be a marketing guru that talks about this stuff all day long. I found a service that makes it simple for me, and my head doesn’t spin when I talk about it. When I explain to other business owners what I’ve been doing, its a quick conversation—not one of those drawn out explanations I’ve sat through that leave you  wondering if you can sneak out of the room. If you want a powerful, honest-to-goodness quality marketing service, I say give it a try!

Jamie Brockman
Internet Marketer, Blogger.

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16 thoughts on “Boost My Online Biz Review 2016 : Does It Work Or Is It A Scam?

  1. Wendy McGinn says:

    The money spent on a Boost My Online Biz membership is money well spent. I teach my team to use this resource to acquire new leads and I can see substantial growth in my downlines. Thanks for the review Mr. Brockman.

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    • Very good idea. It’s called duplicating success and it helps trigger exponetial growth. Duplicate a turn-key, winning ad service in your organization and things really start to gain momentum. Boost My Online Biz is perfect for this. Thanks for commenting.


  2. Harvey R. says:

    Hi Mr. Brockman I have been mailing my leads for 2 weeks and the conversion rates have been better than anything else I’ve tested. Long live Boost My Online Biz ! On a side note, do you have any traffic exchanges you could recommend? Bye for now.

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    • Traffic Swarm is a classic. Don’t expect great results like you would get from BMOB leads however. 2 different worlds. Traffic Exchange surfers just want credits. Boost My Online Biz leads just want biz opps 🙂 I do both.


  3. Elizabeth S. says:

    I just sent my first batch of leads around 5pm est yesterday and so far 11 opened the email offer, 6 clicks my link and 2 bought my product. So far so good!!! I wonder what would be the best time to send the broadcaster to get better results. In the morning, afternoon or evening or does it really matter? Lizzy

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    • As of late I’ve been contacting my leads early in the morning. The earlier the better if you can get up haha. I find the conversions to be about double when I do early mailings. Even if you are at work you can easily send out your mailing from your phone. This is what I do if I don’t manage to get up early enough.


  4. Ruth Demar says:

    I’ve read some really great reviews on Boost My Online Biz this month. My business partner is actually using them to build a program we are both in. After seeing his results and reading this review today I’ve created my account under your link Jamie so I hope you get credit. I’ve just sent out my first mailing to 80 leads and will update you tomorrow if any sales come in. Cheers my friend.

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  5. Glenn Parker says:

    Glad to hear you are getting these great result, the leads i get click the links in my emails at very high rates. I am promoting some good clickbank products with good email copies. These leads are very interested in making money online because my level of buys is very high. The open rate is at about 15%

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  6. Amber Daley says:

    Hello Jamie! I read your review of the Boost My Online Biz earlier this month and joined based on your recommendation. I’ve also been adding my email address at the bottom of all my mailings as you recommend. Do you put your phone number as well? I’ve just been putting my email address and I get quite a few messages from interested leads. I’m promoting a binary system to my leads. Have you tried promoting one before? So far in my 12 days I have 22 people on my 1st level in and 29 on level 2-5. The Boost My Online Biz leads respond very well to binary systems.

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  7. Kathleen Born says:

    Well written review Jamie. Boost My Online Biz is definitely worth the money in my opinion. I joined on Friday, waited until my second set of 80 leads came in on Saturday then mailed 160 with an offer for a program Your Eight Steps. I didn’t go on my computer on Sunday and checked my results on Monday (today) I have 24 emails from leads interested in my offer and 6 have joined already based on that one single mailing to only 2 sets of leads. Again, Boost My Online Biz is DEFINITELY worth the money. Enough said.

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  8. Karen McDowell says:

    Thank-you for your review Jamie. I joined BMOB myself one month ago under you (I hope you got the credit) I’ve been promoting 4 Corners Alliance Group to my leads and have had 9 people upgrade in 4CAG so far under me. These leads are converting like crazy but here’s a little tip: Make sure you personalize your copy as much as possible when broadcasting to your leads. Karen McDowell

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    • No, I don’t include my phone number in my emails to the leads. Far too many call and I can’t get to everyone. I prefer to stick with email so I can get to everyone as my time allows. Not complaining about the responses though lol. . Great to hear the leads are converting for you. I’ve enrolled a ton of BMOB leads into quite a few programs and its actually a great tool to get your new downline using as you will benefit from their growth.


  9. Debra says:

    Hi Jamie. Beautiful picture of you and your daughter!! 🙂 I am 22 days into my membership with the Boost My Online Biz and I am soooo excited about these leads. I’m promoting Joy to Live, a nutrition company as well as 4 Corners, a financial company. In my 22 days using Boost My Online Biz’s mailer to contact my leads I’ve enrolled 9 people into Joy To Live and 11 people into 4 Corners. If this keeps up I may have quite a bit more free time as I’ll quit my job lol. Thanks for this blog. I intend on sharing my experience with Boost My Online Biz to as many people I can!!

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